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Earth Notes

Earth Notes - Printmaking meets Silk Fusion

Artist Statement

I delight in all that is beautiful and I find beauty in all that is Creator directed. I am intrigued by nature’s moods and I invite the viewer to experience my fascination with the details of creation. I hope each piece will speak to a specific sensitivity. It is the emotion of the viewer that will release what might otherwise be hidden to some.

Most of my pieces depict small organic treasures from the earth and often I use actual organics to emboss into the paper during the printmaking process.

I enjoy the unpredictable nature of the monotype printmaking medium and the improvisational way of creating the art. It often requires an intuitive approach.

Silk fusion is used as a collage item with some of my pieces. The result of the fusion of silk and medium is a sheet of shimmering silk paper which gives a lustrous quality and contrasts with the textures of the monotypes.

Frances A. Gregory

“The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance”. – Aristotle
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